Thursday, May 28, 2009

Design for You.

Kitchen design is both an art and a science. It is the application of well founded standards of design that must be combined with the creative blending of cabinetry finishes, appliances, coutertop materials, decorative hardware, tiles and other elements in order to considered functional sounds and exquisitely beautiful. The many faces are like a jigsaw puzzle with thousands of parts. The traditional world of kitchen design with which we have become so comfortable and familiar during the last 40 years did not make it through to the 21st century unchanged.

Rather, changes are occurring. Bland, utilitarian, not designed kitchens have given way to unique designs for life that would have been impossible to imagine just a few generations ago. Many of these changes are due to a new breed of designer, one who is constantly pushing the envelope to improve the quality of life for each client. Additionally, a plethora of new innovative products has created a variety of intriguing options from which to choose. Thanks to these evolving elements , the kitchen is not only more functional, but it can also aesthetically pleasing and can enable your family to more fully enjoy life in the home.

The great thing about the evolution of kitchen design is that homeowners now have more freedom amd more choices than ever before to incorporate into new homes or remodeling projects. Nevertheless, an important factor in achieving great design professional. The application of design principles in the hand of a skilled kitchen deigner or design team willl significantly affect the final layout and cost of your kitchen, which will directly contribute to the years of enjoyment and satisfaction you will receive from your investment.

Another important fac t or o f kitchen design is the floor plan. Whether a gallery, U-shape or L-shape, your choice of f lo or plan should be determined by your lifestyle. Be willing to experience and do something daring. With the help of competent design professional, your kitchen will uniquely fit yo u r style and will be exclusive ly designed for you. the end result will be as personal as your signature.

In the past years, there were fe w er choices and smaller spaces. now, however, we have professional-style cooking and ref rigeration equipment. Remember though that the use of commercial equipment usually requires more space, so be sure to discuss this with your architect or kitchen designer. Si nce design is driven by appliances, select the necessities first. Proper planning will prevent poor performance.

When considering the design of your culinary space, also keep in mind the fact that old products now have new applications. For example, consider concrete, which is being used for counter tops, and stainless steel, which is gaining popularity in the residential market. Neither is reserved exclusively for the commercial environment anymore.

Some universal design suggestions that will work for any floor plan include having multiple work stations, incorporating a second sink and raising the dishwasher to ease back stress. Many kitchen now even have two dishwashers. Also consider how many seating you may need for family time and entertaining. Choose a design that will allow for plenty of counter space, as well as storage for dishes and other items at the "area of first use".

Many intricate design details are becoming commonplace, such as decorative custom hoods with ornamentation, pilasters and large table legs-giving island and other focal areas the look of furniture pieces-fluting, hand carve on-lays and glass tiles. It is important to understand that the more ornamentation you have in the kitchen, the more you need to give each focal point necessary breathing room, or else your special features will go unnoticed. It is crucial to have the proper balance of moldings and changes in elevations to avoid overwhelming the eye.

Kitchen design is of paramount importance, especially because the kitchen is involving into the area of choice for family gatherings. No longer is the space merely for food prep, a fact that is reflected in the deluge of design option available in the market today. Just keep in mind that good design increases value more than it increases cost and that the principles of well-planned design are timeless. A kitchen created properly by a certified professional will not only return value everyday and every hour, but it will also keep you ahead of the game for the next generation.